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Lets Sleep by mlcm77

(First time writing a critic so yeah... (I have been wanting to write one though owo)

-This is really cute and I like how their poses aren't EXACTLY alike (and it tells that you aren't lazy to just use copy and paste(unlike me who uses C/P WAY too much rather than just drawing something again))
-I like the emotions you gave the characters; especially the chibis, THEY'RE SO CUTE o_o It gives each one personality to have diverse faces among the characters.
-The background/pillows are really cute and you shaded them to where it looks kind of 3D-ish, which is awesome.
-I like the shading in this, which also gives a 3D illusion. it isn't blurred too much or too little (except in like 1 spot....)
-I love those pajamas! The shading is good on them and the design is so cute ^u^
-The colors you chose for the pillows and pajamas contrast which makes them pop out:D
-Based off of google images (since I have never seen this anime) the characters look correct .u.
-For using a mouse, this is amazing!!! I could never draw this well with a mouse unless I traced it or something and most likely I would have to use the curve tool:U You're completely MAGICAL for that xD

(note that there are few errors in this and these are really just suggestions ^^)
-The girl with the blue hair's thigh is a little big.
-It would be nice to rotate the squids/jellyfish(?) around so it looks ummm... kind of scattered? (otherwise they look pretty good:D)
-For shading: next time maybe add some highlighted areas on the clothing...
-There is a shadow on the bottom but not all the way on top, maybe add shadow in the back; which will give it even more depth.
-It would be nice if the picture was a bit larger, but it is fine the way itis now:)

Overall I think you did really well with this picture:D Awesome job!

(lol I hope I wrote this correctly...)
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mlcm77 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Thank you very much for this critiques. This will help me a lot thank you. :thanks: The truth is, I did a little tracing with they're heads and the pillows. But I did a little manipulation on them and the bodies was made by me. Is blue one really big? Hehehehe.. But she's really bigger than the other one. But I guess I made her more bigger then. Hahahaha! Thank you again. :thanks:
MeowiiRisu Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! ^w^
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